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The Charles Horman Truth Project needs your support for our on-going efforts to inform the public and record efforts regarding the search for the truth over more than forty years surrounding the deaths of Americans Charles Horman and Frank Teruggi during Pinochet’s coup against democracy in 1973. 

The truth has been suppressed, however we are still seeking to expose and know what really happened.  The Chilean judge Jorge Zepeda closed his court investigation into their deaths, in July of 2014, and ruled that a U.S. military official, Ray E. Davis, had a role in Frank and Charles’ deaths.

In October 2014 The Foundation sent a request to Senator Harkin, Congressman George Miller, and Senator Bernie Sanders to petition the CIA, the Navy and the State Department to investigate the US role in Frank and Charles’ deaths.

The Chilean Court ruling stemmed from October 2012, when the supreme court of Chile approved an extradition request for Captain Ray Davis, the American who was head of the United States Military Group in Chile during the coup.  We believe Captain Davis could have saved Charles’ and Frank’s lives if he had acted in their defense and told the Chilean military to protect them.  The extradition request underwent a lengthy official translation by the Chilean government which resulted in a delay in ascertaining Davis’ location and making his arrest before his death (in Chile) was reported by his wife in 2014.

We believe that the story must be kept alive until the judicial course has been run and the full truth has been found.  Our website will be a testament to the long struggle and search for truth.

Our “Tribute to Justice” event in September 2013 remembered, honored and cherished the legal investigative and prosecutorial part of that struggle.

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