Speaking Engagements

Any organization wishing to engage Mrs. Horman to speak about the Horman family's search for truth regarding the death of her husband Charles at the hands of Pinochet forces during the coup in 1973, may leave a message at the following phone: (212) 744-3650.


1. Who was Charles Horman and why we decided to go to Chile in the early 70's.
2. Living in Chile under the Allende administration.
3. Pinochet's coup on Sept. 11, 1973.
4. Searching for Charles after Pinochet forces apprehended him.
5. Asking for an investigation by Congress.
6. The suit against Henry Kissinger.
7. The book and the movie MISSING.
8. The arrest of Pinochet: international legal impact and personal impact.
9. The return of Pinochet to Chile and his loss of immunity in his own country.
10. Our suit against Pinochet filed in December 2000 in Chile.
11. Current status of our pursuit of the truth.

Speaking Engagements for years 1998-2010

March 27, 2010, University of Texas at Austin.  Nettie Lee Benson Library.  Presentation: "A Family's Search for Truth and Justice".

March 9, 2010, IONA college.  Screening of Missing for women's History Month for the Criminal Justice Department.  Q&A following with John Shea.
March 5, 2010, London School of Economics, England.  Screening of Missing and Q&A after.
March 3 and 4, 2010, Screening of Missing and presentation the day after at the University of Essex at Colchester England.
June 2009, Screening of Missing and discussion following at Bendheim's in Westchester.  John Shea participated as a panel member after the screening.
October 2008, a new DVD release of MISSING by Criterion, with new interviews included regarding the making of the movie.
Sept. 12 2008, Presentation of the papers sent to Nettie Lee Benson library at the University of Texas, Austin, for cataloguing and eventual web access.
March 2006, Joyce attended the inauguration of President Michele Bachelet in Chile.

September 26, 2003, Princeton University. Presented the story of our search for truth in conjunction with Peter Kornbluh's talk about his recently released book, "The Pinochet File". Invited by the Program in Latin America Studies.

September 19, 2003, University of Illinois at Chicago Cultural Center. Remembering Chile's Democracy and Salvador Allende. Panel discussion of human rights efforts over thirty years.

September 17, 2003, Oberlin College, Class presented by the History Department. Discussion of the film MISSING and 30 years of seeking truth and justice.

May, 2003, University of California at San Diego, Film class: Discussion of the film The Trial of Henry Kissinger and the relation of the Horman case against Kissinger to charges of human rights crimes.

October 8, 2002, Stonehill College, Massachusetts: Social Justice Series; discussed the case in relation to human rights issues in Latin America, US foreign policy, international law, and the International Criminal Court.

Sept 23, 2002, Owatonna High School, Minnesota: Presented the events of 1973 surrounding the death of my husband Charles in Chile, discussed the case against Kissinger filed in the late 70s, the movie MISSING, Pinochet's arrest, and the Horman case against Augusto Pinochet filed in Dec. 2000.

Sept 20, 2002, St. Olaf College, Minnesota: spoke about the personal journey to the full truth regarding the death of Charles Horman and the case against Pinochet.

Sept 13, 2002, Ayuntamiento (Municipal Government) de Coruna, Galicia. Spoke regarding the Horman case against Pinochet and his subordinates, and the personal journey seeking the truth about the death of my husband, Charles Horman.

Sept 11, 2002, Cultural Organization of Barcelona Spain: Event remembering the coup in Chile. Spoke regarding the advancements towards universal jurisdiction represented by Pinochet case and summarized the progress made in Chile on the Horman case against Pinochet and his subordinates.

July 11, 2002, Colegio de Periodistas, (Association of Journalists) Santiago, Chile. Presented Synopsis of case and progress of investigation.

May 30, 2002, Amnesty International in Los Angeles presented a Human Rights Award to Joyce Horman at the opening of their annual Film Festival. The movie MISSING was shown on their opening night. Acceptance of the award included a brief update of the case.

May 15, 2002, Charles Horman Truth Project fund raising event commemorated 20 years of the movie MISSING and presented Human Rights Awards to Costa Gavras, Sissy Spacek, Jack Lemmon (posthumously) and Ed and Millie Lewis producers of the movie. A synopsis and update of the case was presented before Sissy Spacek's award was presented.

March 6, 2002, Adelphi University, Garden City Long Island, NY 11530. The Road to Justice in the Case of Charles Horman. Contact President Robert Scott.

Nov. 1-3, 2001, Florida State University, First International Human Rights Conference, Human Rights archives Turnbull Center, Tallahassee, Fla. Opening Address. Contact Terry Coonan.

Oct 30, 2001, UMASS at Amherst, Massachusetts. Class presentation of Horman Case. Contact: Carmen Diane Deere.

Oct. 29, Smith College, Putting the Pinochet Government on Trial: The Case of Charles Horman. Presentation of Horman criminal case filed against Pinochet forces in Santiago, Chile, on Dec. 7, 2000. Open to public. Contact: Professor Andrew Zimbalist.

Oct. 29, Amherst College, Economics Department class presentation of Horman case against Pinochet forces. Contact Javier Corrales.

Oct. 24, 2001, Yale University, Davenport College. Introduction to the movie Missing, discussion of the Horman case against Pinochet forces. Scheduled in conjunction with a presentation by Clinton Administration Ambassador to Chile, John O'Leary. Contact: Master Richard Schottenfeld.

May 23, 2001, University of California at San Diego, Class open to public;

Horman case history: with discussion of current opportunities for truth and justice in Chile under the Lagos administration, since Pinochet's loss of Senatorial Immunity in July of 2000. Discussed global precedent set for universal jurisdiction by Spanish Judge Garzon's arrest warrant for Pinochet which was honored by the UK's Home Secretary Jack Straw.

Contact: Cecilia Ubilla, Professor, University of California at San Diego (La Joya).

April 25, 2001, University of Massachusetts in Boston, Human Rights Forum;

Human Rights platform; with Jennifer Harbury and Winston Langley.

Presented Horman case history in context of history of human rights.

Contact: Paul Cantor, Professor of Economics, UMASS.

April 11, 2001, joint event of John F. Kennedy School of Government, Carr Center for Human Rights, Harvard Law School, Boston, MA. Invited by the Project on Justice in Times of Transition to participate in Conference on International Jurisprudence.

Introduction to the movie MISSING, and question and answer session afterward as prelude to conference on international jurisprudence featuring Judge Balthazar Garzon from Spain, John Biehl, Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance from Chile, and Luis Moreno Ocampo from Argentina. Contact: Wendy Leurs, Foundation for a Civil Society,

March 20, 2001, City College in New York City

The Unresolved Case of Charles Horman & the Human Rights Violations of the Pinochet Dictatorship: Presentation of International Jurisdiction impact on Human Rights cases of the international arrest of Pinochet in London; the Charles Horman case as example.

Contact: Prof. DiCaprio.

March 4-7, 2001 Met with Victims Families for Cooperation in London. Reception and discussion of legal efforts in Chile organized by office of Jeremy Corbyn MP

March 1-3, 2001, First Congress on Human Right/Universal Jurisdiction in Madrid, Spain. Addressed Congress on the history and significance of the Charles Horman case.

Dec. 7th, 2000, Filed case against Pinochet in Santiago, Chile. Met with the Chilean Human Rights Commission, and the Families of the Disappeared.

Contact: Peter Weiss Center for Constitutional Rights Senior Attorney, 212 614-6449

1999-2000 Met with Senators and Members of Congress individually to press for broader declassification of documents. Met with members of the Clinton State Department to press for US demand for investigation in Chile of Charles Horman's death.

April 23, 1999, Phillips Exeter Academy, in Exeter NH

Third World in the Late 20th Century. Panel discussion with individual presentations.

Discussed the significance to our search for truth of the arrest of Pinochet for extradition to Spain for trial. (Charles Horman was a graduate of Phillips Exeter)

November 1998, London, protested grant of immunity for Pinochet.

Testified in the House of Commons regarding the Charles Horman case.