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July 16, 2016 U.S. News, (AP) Santiago, Chile, Chile toughens sentences in 'Missing' killings of Americans, By Eva Vergara, Associated Press
September 9, 2015 Via Facebook, Verdict on Horman/Teruggi Murders in Chile Confirmed by Appeals Court as Crimes Against Humanity
Septiembre 5, 2015 El Mostrador, Justicia ratifica condena de 7 años de cárcel a Brigadier Espinoza por homicidio de estadounidenses que dieron origen a la película Missing
Septiembre 4, 2015 Santiago, Sentencia Corte Apelaciones Estadio Nacional
January 28, 2015 New York Times, Santiago, 2 Sentenced in Murders in Chile Coup, By Pascale Bonnefoy
July 1, 2014 Center for Constitutional Rights, Chilean Court Confirms U.S. Role in 1973 Killings of Americans in Chilean Coup
July 1, 2014 Associated Press, CHILE COURT: US HAD ROLE IN 'MISSING' KILLINGS By Luis Andres Henao
July 1, 2014 WGBH Boston The World Public Radio interview, American journalist Charles Horman was murdered with the help of the US government, a Chilean court finds Producer Joyce Hackel
July 1, 2014 The Guardian, Chilean court links US intelligence to 1973 killings of two Americans Associated Press in Santiago
June 30, 2014 The New York Times, Chilean Court Rules U.S. Had Role in Murders by Pascale Bonnefoy
November 24, 2013 The Santiago Times, Q&A: U.S. widow’s four decade fight for justice for ‘missing’ husband by Charlotte Karrlsson-Willis
October 9, 2013 nació, GARZÓN, GARCÉS Y GUZMÁN SON PREMIADOS POR LA VIUDA DE CHARLES HORMAN by Charlotte Karrlsson-Willis
October 9, Democracy NOW!, Taking on Capitalism, U.S. Torture & Dictatorships, Costa-Gavras on Decades of Political FilmmakingA DAILY INDEPENDENT GLOBAL NEWS HOUR with Amy Goodman & Juan González
September 2013 Issue The Progressive, Missing Charlie, 40 Years Later by Joyce Horman
September 26, 2013 The New York Times, Chile Hunt for Justice Winds Up as Enigma by Pascale Bonnefoy
September 21, 2013 Mother Jones, Did US Intelligence Help Pinochet's Junta Murder My Brother? by Janis Teruggi Page
September 19, 2013 The Guardian, Argentina calls for extradition of Francoists over human rights abuses by Paul Hamilos
September 12, 2013 The Washington Post Opinions, Is Augusto Pinochet responsible for Chile’s success? by Heraldo Muñoz
September 11, 2013 The Guardian, Justice for Charles Horman – and the truth about the US and Chile's coup by Joyce Horman
September 11, 2013 The Nation, Peter Kornbluh: Kissinger's Role in the Chilean Coup
September 7, 2013 The NYT Sunday Review, 9/11: The Day Everything Changed, in Chile by Ariel Dorfman
September 5, 2013 CNN, Family of slain Chilean singer Victor Jara seeks justice in U.S. By Joyce Horman
September 5, 2013 The New York Times, Calls for 'Silent Goal' as Chile Remembers Coup Victims by Reuters
September 4, 2013 The Nation, 

Chileans Confront Their Own 9/11 Forty years after Pinochet's coup, a historic presidential campaign has revived debates about his dictatorship—and Washington's role in it. by Peter Kornbluth

September 4, 2013 BBC Online, Chile's judges apologise for their actions after coup
Julio 31, 2013 The Clinic Online, Caravana de la Muerte: Descubren en Caldera rieles usados por agentes de la dictadura para lanzar cadáveres al mar
April 16, 2013 Portside Online,  America Keeps Honoring One of Its Worst Mass Murderers: Henry Kissinger by Fred Branfman
April 10, 2013 New Yorker Online, NERUDA, PINOCHET, AND THE IRON LADY Posted by Jon Lee Anderson
April 8, 2013 Wikileaks publishes “The Kissinger Cables” in its Public Library of US Diplomacy database (  Search for "Charles Horman" or "Joyce Horman" to see related documents.
October 18, 2012 Center for Constitutional Rights press release Chilean Supreme Court Approves Move to Extradite U.S. Naval Captain Implicated in 1973 Killings of Americans in Chilean Coup
August 5, 2012 El País "Soy el último exiliado del franquismo" by Natalia Junquera
August 8, 2008 Counterpunch Arrest and Murder Who Killed Victor Jara? by Paul Cantor
May 26, 2004 Yahoo! Reuters New Transcripts Point to U.S. Role in Chile Coup by Pablo Bachelet
April 14, 2004 INSTITUTE FOR POLICY STUDIES Pinochet Watch update
March 12, 2004 New York Times New Evidence Surfaces in '73 Killing of American in Chile by Larry Rohter
December 18, 2003 PiensaChile Procesado por caso Horman se reintegró a "Familia Aérea" by Pascal Bonnefoy
December 15, 2003 Amnesty International press release Corte de Apelaciones mantuvo procesamiento en caso Horman
December 11, 2003 Amnesty International press release Resolución establece que Charles Horman no fue asesinado en el Estadio Nacional by Ximena Marré
December 11, 2003 La Nacion Primer procesado por caso Horman, después de 30 años
December 11, 2003 Associated Press Sun Herald Article Chilean Indicted in Filmmaker's Slaying
September 19, 2003 Oberlin Review Chile's Sept. 11 revisited by Josh Keating
September 19, 2003 Oberlin Review Off the Cuff with Joyce Horman Interview by Josh Keating
September 2003 Oberlin Online Chileans Remember Another 9/11 by Sue Angell
June 12, 2002 Guardian Kissinger may face extradition to Chile by Jonathan Franklin in Santiago and Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles
2002 Human Rights Awards, honoring Missing
May 15, 2002 Human Rights Watch Page on Pinochet arrest mostly 2000-2001 background of Judge Guzman's indictment of Pinochet, nine months after his return to Chile from house arrest in England
May 14, 2002 Washington Post Chile Re-Enacts Filmaker's Execution by Eduardo Gallardo
May 13, 2002 Newsday Article The Truth? Still Missing / Trying to solve her husband's murder - 29 years later by Fred Bruning
April 23, 2002 New York Times The Mission of a Sept. 11 Widow (Sept. 11, 1973) by Lynda Richardson
April 23, 2002 Amnesty International press release Visit of H. Kissinger to London and the judicial request by the Spanish and French judges.
April 21, 2002 San Francisco Chronicle, Kissinger on Trial by Jonathan Curiel
article on Kissinger published in the Independent UK
March 28, 2002 Morir es la noticia, As Door Opens for Legal Actions in Chilean Coup, Kissinger Is Numbered Among the Hunted, By LARRY ROHTER
November 9, 2001 Morir es la noticia, "Charles Horman: americano bueno", por Cristian Opaso
August 6, 2001 La Tercera, Las gestiones en Chile y EE.UU. para lograr el exhorto a Kissinger
February 6, 2001 PBS Online NewsHour with Jim Lehrer Kissinger on Chile, Pinochet interview by Elizabeth Farnsworth
July 2000 Letter sent to Sandy Berger by Joyce Horman.
September 29, 1973 The New York Times, Swedish Ambassador Extends Shelter To Refugees of Chile's Political Storm by Marvine Howe

November 10, 2015, FSU Center for the Advancement of Human Rights -
FSU Roundtable on Universal Jurisdiction 2015.

December 20, 2014 Interview with Bob Herbert airs at 9:30 am on CUNY TV.  Also available on the web:
Cinema Tropical Festival at the VILLAGE EAST CINEMA, EL OTRO DÍA / THE OTHER DAY, by filmmaker filmmaker Ignacio Agüero
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2013 Tribute to Justice, 40th Anniversary Event
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2002 Human Rights Awards, honoring Missing

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