Charles Horman Truth Project Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Charles Horman Truth Project to provide informational materials and seminars to the public and to students of International Human Rights and the legal prosecutions of crimes pertaining thereto. 

In acknowledgement of the effectiveness of the movie MISSING, directed by Costa Gavras, in raising global consciousness regarding the consequences of the violent coup in Chile in 1973, we will provide more information about human rights films, activists, victims and others involved in the support thereof, and the steps they took in response to the crimes committed against humanity during and after Pinochet’s reign. 

The Foundation enlists the public’s support for the cause of human rights and justice for all.

In carrying out our mission we will focus on the Charles Horman and Frank Teruggi cases to honor and protect the memory of the Human Rights struggle worldwide that stemmed from the September 11, 1973 coup, overthrowing democracy in Chile;

  1. Publish oral and written histories and testimonies regarding the actions taken to unearth the details of human rights crimes in Chile.
  2. Offer lectures to high schools and universities.
  3. Provide a forum for publishing and discussing information regarding the process of uncovering the truth about Human Rights Crimes in Latin America.

We will also:

  1. Advocate for the of the rule of law;
  2. Advocate for the exposure of the full truth concerning human rights crimes in Latin America;
  3. Advocate for international judicial prosecutions of human rights crimes;
  4. Promote understanding and respect for human rights;
  5. Acknowledge and honor those who have fought for human rights via cultural, political, juridical, investigative, solidarity or other organizational means;
  6. Partner with other human rights organizations to provide educational materials and/or to plan events;
  7. Fund raise to pay for our informational activities.

Programs for the first three years:

  1. Update the Charles Horman Truth Project web site with information about the steps taken by Ed Horman to find the truth about Charlie’s death;
  2. Update the Horman and Teruggi case progress on the web site;
  3. Add video materials from historic interviews to the web site;
  4. Organize or otherwise participate in honoring the successes of the transformative human rights struggle emanating from the coup in Chile for over 40 years and relating to the restoration of the rule of law and democratic principles;
  5. Develop a program of showing Human Rights films to the public, about crimes and their social impact, in Latin America;
  6. Publish Charles Horman’s writings.