Horman Family & Heroes

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Charlie Horman

Click here  for David Nelson's review of the book The Execution of Charles Horman: an American Sacrifice

Click here for David Nelson's blog

Click here for Charlie's writings


Joyce Horman

Paintings by Joyce Horman.


Ed Horman

Click here for the 1982 BBC interview

Click here for the 2000 CNN / Time story

Click here for Ed's obituary

Click here for Ed's memorial service


Elizabeth Horman

Click here for info on the Elizabeth Horman Retrospective

Click here for info on the Elizabeth Horman CD

Click here for the Elizabeth Horman web site



Jack Lemmon

Click here to see Jack Lemmon being interviewed regarding the Pinochet case on BBC's Newsnight

Dr. William Wipfler, Formerly of the National Council of Churches, 

Peter Weiss, Attorney, and Nancy Stearns Attorney, speaking for Center for Constitutional Rights

Horman vs Kissinger Claim stored at the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection Library in Austin Texas, Archive of Horman papers

Peter Kornbluh, National Security Archives

Steven Volk, History Professor Oberlin College