Funding Appeal 2004


                Investigate, Litigate and Prosecute Crimes Against Humanity

Joyce Horman, Chairman

April 11, 2004

Dear Friend:

Perhaps you saw Larry Rohter's article in the March 12th edition of The New York Times (copy enclosed) concerning new evidence which has surfaced in the investigation of Charlie's death in Chile. Great strides are being made.

As you know, two years ago we honored the makers of the 1982 movie MISSING for their contribution to global consciousness of Human Rights crimes in Chile and elsewhere by giving them the first Charles Horman Human Rights Awards. At the same time, the lawyers for our case against Pinochet and other criminals, Fabiola Letelier and Sergio Corvalan, were working in Chile with Judge Juan Guzman to reenact survivors' experiences in the National Stadium. This was the first time the National Stadium had been examined in this way since the actual tortures, murders and detentions had taken place.

Today, two years after that historic event, the second Judge in our case, Jorge Zepeda Arancibia, has been vigorously investigating, and has made enormous progress, including the first arrest which was made last December, with indications that others may soon follow. He plans to finish the investigation this summer, and complete the case by the end of the year. I went to meet Judge Zepeda in January and Peter Weiss, my pro bono lawyer from the Center for Constitutional Rights, went to see him and meet with the Chilean lawyers two weeks ago. Both of us were enormously impressed with his integrity and the progress he has made.

Now Fabiola and Sergio need our financial support to continue working with Judge Zepeda to the end of the year. They have been working intensively without funding for their time and expense since funds ran out last August.

I ask you to help our lawyers take our case to its rightful conclusion in court. Not only will you be supporting our investigation, but you will be helping hundreds of other families who may be able to prosecute their cases after the successful conclusion of ours. Any amount you can send to support our fight for truth and justice will be greatly appreciated. Please send your contribution to:

Charles Horman Truth Project:
P.O. Box 2331
New York NY 10021.
Your check can be made out to: CCR/Charles Horman Truth Project.

I am sincerely grateful for all you have done and continue to do to support this ground-breaking case against human rights crimes.

Much gratitude for your on-going interest,

Joyce Horman