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Gabriel Byrne

Award Presentation To Jack Lemmon
Juan Gabriel Valdes, Chilean Ambassador to the United Nations
Acceptance: Chris Lemmon

Fight for the Declassification of Documents
Peter Kornbluh, National Security Archives

Award Presentation To Edward and Mildred Lewis
Presenter: Peter Weiss, Center for Constitutional Rights
Acceptance: Susan Lewis, David Kendall

Introduction to Angel Parra
Joan Jara

Musical Performance
Angel Parra and Angel Parra Orrego

Letters from Charlie's Friends
John Shea and Melanie Mayron

Joyce Horman

Award Presentation To Sissy Spacek
Presenter: Joyce Horman
Acceptance: Sissy Spacek

Award Presentation To Costa Gavras
Presenter: Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch
Acceptance: Costa Gavras

Musical Performance

Photos  © Stephanie Berger

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