Honoring Missing 2002 : Program

Twenty-two years ago, producers Edward and Mildred Lewis approached the Horman family to make a film based on Thomas Hauser's book* about my husband Charles' abduction and execution in Chile in 1973. While Ed Horman immediately knew the film would be a good thing, I had reservations and asked them to change my first name before agreeing. The resulting production of Costa Gavras' film MISSING by Universal Pictures and Polygram won international awards for artistic excellence and became one of the most influential human rights films ever made. Today, it is still used to teach new generations about human rights crimes and the sad, anti-democratic history of U.S. involvement in Chile.

This evening marks two important dates: the 20th anniversary of MISSING, and Charlie's 60th birthday. We are here tonight to pay tribute to MISSING for bringing the story of Pinochet's darkly brutal regime to light and for exposing U.S. government support and endorsement of that brutality. Iam eternally grateful to Costa, Sissy, Jack, Edward, Mildred, and all those who worked on the film. Their ability to tell the truth with such extraordinary artistry made MISSING the powerful film that it is. They set the standard for creating a socially relevant film that raises human rights consciousness without compromising artistic integrity.

In the past few years I have had the privilege of speaking at many college campuses and at human rights conferences throughout the world where MISSING was shown, and have been in the unique position of seeing the power of this film in raising awareness of human rights abuses. The film educates those who can only vaguely recall the events of 1973 and those who were not even born when the coup in Chile occurred.

I hope that this evening will be the first of many in which we gather to honor artists who, in the tradition of MISSING, use their craft to further the cause of human rights by shedding light on injustices around the world.

Let tonight be a celebration. With your support we continue to pursue the cause of truth and justice in Chile, for Charles and for the thousands of victims who bore the brunt of Pinochet's terror-- many of whom still do not feel free or safe to tell their truth about that time. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this event through your attendance, donations and support. Without you we would not be here tonight.

With much love and enormous gratitude,
Joyce Horman

Gabriel Byrne

Award Presentation To Jack Lemmon
Presenter: Juan Gabriel Valdes, Chilean Ambassador to the United Nations
Acceptance: Chris Lemmon

Award Presentation To Edward and Mildred Lewis
Presenter: Peter Weiss, Center for Constitutional Rights
Acceptance: Susan Lewis, Sean Daniel

Introduction to Angel Parra
Joan Jara

Musical Performance
Angel Parra and Angel Parra Orrego

Letter from Charlie's Friends
John Shea

Ariel Dorfman Message
Melanie Mayron

Joyce Horman

Award Presentation To Sissy Spacek
Presenter: Joyce Horman
Acceptance: Sissy Spacek

Award Presentation To Costa Gavras
Presenter: Reed Brody, Human Rights Watch
Acceptance: Costa Gavras

Joyce Horman and Gabriel Byrne

Musical Performance

Good Night
Joyce Horman and Gabriel Byrne

Joyce Horman Committee Co-Chair
Emma Thompson Committee Co-Chair
Hortensia Bussi Allende  
Reed Brody Advocacy Director, Human Rights Watch
Cynthia Brown Human Rights Activist
John Cavanagh Executive Director, Institute for Policy Studies
Rhonda Copelon Vice-President, Center for Constitutional Rights
Sergio Corvalan International Human Rights Attorney
Sean Daniel Producer
Christopher Durang Playwright
Sir Richard Eyre Director
Dolly Filrtiga Human Rights Activist
Spalding Gray Playwright, Actor
Claudio Grossman Dean, American University Washington College of Law
Patricio Guzman Documentary Filmmaker
Anne Jackson Actor
Joan Jara Founder, Victor Jara Foundation
Mussagy Jeichande Special Rep. of the Sec. General of the UN in Angola
Marina Kaufman Board Member, Human Rights Watch
David E. Kendall Attorney
Fabiola Letelier International Human Rights Attorney
Isabel Morel de Letelier Vice Presidenta de Chileredes
Melanie Mayron Actor, Director
Ian McKellen Actor
Helen Mirren Actor
Aryeh Neier President, Open Society Institute
Marsha Norman Playwright
Christopher Reeve Actor
Dennis Rivera President, Local 1199/SEIU
Larry Rivers Artist
Tim Robbins Actor
Susan Sarandon Actor
Pierre Schori Swedish Ambassador to the United Nations
Deborah Shaffer Documentary Film Producer, Director
John Shea Actor
Kevin Spacey Actor
Rose Styron Founder, Amnesty International USA
Juan Gabriel Valdes Chilean Ambassador to the United Nations
Eli Wallach Actor
Cora Weiss President, The Hague Appeal for Peace
Peter Weiss Vice-President, Center for Constitutional Rights
Lanford Wilson Playwright
Jose "Pepe" Zalaquett International Human Rights Attorney
Terry Assael Vicki Karp
Brigid Bergin Peter Kornbluh
Susan Borenstein Mary Laird
Marianne Castillo Judy Lerner
Nicholas de Seve Carol Prendergast
Diane Dixon Carmen Rohland
Yvette Ellas Sheila Shayon
Joan Firestone Terry Simon
Dr. Richard Firestone Lina Srivastava
Jean Hacklander Nancy Stearns
Carol Joseph Jean Sun Shaw

The Charles Horman Truth Project 2002 Human Rights Awards Are Endorsed By:

Human Rights Watch
Center for Constitutional Rights
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
Amnesty International, USA
Institute for Policy Studies


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1199 SEIU New York's Health and Human Services Union
Creative Artists Agency
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Government of Chile
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National Security Archive
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Messages of Support Received From:

Isabel Allende, Charles Cioffi, Gerald Cotts, Ariel Dorfman, Mark Harris, Don Lenzer, Madame Danielle Mitterand, Richard Pearce, Patricia Verdugo

Event Donations

Casa Lapostolle Winery
Chelsea Market
World MusicWPBX (88.3)

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Jack Lemmon continues to be one of the most beloved of American film actors. His brilliant performance as Edmund Horman in MISSING resulted in one of his eight Oscar nominations. Despite his passing last year, he will long be remembered for his extremely moving and entertaining work in classics such as MISTER ROBERTS, SOME LIKE IT HOT, THE APARTMENT, THE ODD COUPLE, SAVE THE TIGER, THE CHINA SYNDROME, MISSING, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS, and GRUMPY OLD MEN. His stage, television and film career spanned more than 50 years, included more than 60 films, and earned him two Academy Awards and the hearts of film viewers worldwide.


For decades Edward and Mildred Lewis have worked in close collaboration producing twenty-seven feature films, including such classics as SPARTACUS and MISSING. Their productions have received more than twenty Academy Award nominations and awards as well as international accolades, including the prestigious Palme d'Or at Cannes for MISSING. Edward and Mildred have made a number of films with controversial subject matter such as THE FIXER, a look at racism in the context of the American justice system, and THE RIVER, a poignant story about the displacement of the American farmer. The Lewis' are currently developing a musical version of the film HAROLD AND MAUDE for the stage.


Sissy Spacek's brilliant acting career is underscored by an Academy Award for her portrayal of singer Loretta Lynn in COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER, and five other Academy nominations, including one for her leading role in MISSING. Sissy first came to the attention of audiences and critics in Terence Malick's 1973 film BADLANDS. Other memorable and critically acclaimed roles soon followed in CARRIE, THREE WOMEN, RAGGEDY MAN, THE RIVER, NIGHT MOTHER, CRIMES OF THE HEART, and THE LONG WALK HOME. Sissy's television credits include the Emmy-nominated Hallmark Hall of Fame A PLACE FOR ANNIE and THE GOOD OLD GUYS, for which she received an Emmy nomination. Most recently, Sissy was nominated for an Academy Award for her powerful portrayal of a mother dealing with the tragic loss of her son in IN THE BEDROOM.


Greek-born film director Costa Gavras is considered a preeminent figure in the world of political thrillers. A graduate of the Sorbonne in Paris and the IDHEC, the French national film school, Costa launched his international award-winning directorial career in 1965 with the French detective thriller THE SLEEPING CAR MURDER. Subsequent films, including the Oscar-winning Z, and MISSING, as well as STATE OF SIEGE, BETRAYED, THE MUSIC BOX and HANNA K, have earned Costa the reputation for creating films with daring political consciousness and poignant humanity. His latest film AMEN explores the issue of Vatican silence concerning the extermination of Jews by Nazi Germany.


Gabriel Byrne has starred in 35 films for directors Costa Gavras, Wenders, Jarmusch, Cronenberg, Loach and the Coen Brothers, among others. He produced the Academy nominated IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, as well as four other films, two of which he wrote. He was nominated for the Tony Award on Broadway in 2000 for his portrayal of James Tyrone Jr. in A MOON FOR THE MISBEGOTTEN. He will shortly be seen opposite Ralph Fiennes in SPIDER. He works on a continuing basis with Amnesty International and is currently producing a film for that organization.



Angel Parra is one of the most acclaimed figures in the cultural, artistic and political life of Chile. Son of the legendary singer Violeta Parra and a close friend of the late Victor Jara, Angel began his performing career with a repertoire of socio-political music that addressed human rights with undying optimism. The Pinochet coup of 1973 forced him into exile. Angel settled in France where he has shared the diverse musical tradition of his native homeland with a dedicated global audience.


Son of Angel Parra, Angel Parra Orrego is an accomplished guitarist and singer in his own right. Based in Santiago, Chile, he performs and records with his jazz band "Angel Parra Trio." He also tours internationally with his father.


For three decades the music of the Chilean group Inti-Illimani has inspired audiences around the globe. Rooted in Latin American tradition and using more than 30 wind, string and percussion instruments, Inti-Illimani's compositions are a synthesis of instrumentals and vocals. During Pinochet's 1973 coup, Inti-Illimani was on tour in Europe and ended up living in exile in Italy for the next 14 years. In 1988, they were warmly welcomed back to Chile, moving home permanently in 1990. Inti-Illimani's unique sound, forged with passion and poetry, is a mantra for peace in the world and within ourselves.



Actor, director, producer Melanie Mayron is perhaps best known for her Emmy Award winning appearance on the ABC series THIRTYSOMETHING and for her crucial supporting role in MISSING as Terry Simon. Melanie has also written and directed films and television series. She was nominated for a Directors Guild Award for her work in TOOTHLESS, starring Kirstie Alley, for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY on ABC. Melanie recently directed the film SLAP HER, SHE'S FRENCH, which is opening around the country this June.


John Shea is one of the most versatile actors and directors of his generation. His portrayal of Charles Horman in MISSING helped launch a multi-dimensional career on stage, screen and television. John won an Emmy Award for his performance as a middle-class man embroiled in the landmark reproductive case Baby M. His writing talent is showcased in SOUTHIE, starring Donnie Wahlberg, which won the Jury Award for best Independent Film at the Seattle International Film Festival. John recently completed a screenplay adaptation of Noel Coward's romantic comedy, HAY FEVER.